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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Need a Fourth Team for an Invitational Jury Trial Competition

If anyone is looking for a competition opportunity in October, the SIU School of Law is hosting the 2d Annual Saluki Invitational Jury Trial Competition on October 24-25 in Carbondale. Here are some details about the competition:

  • Four teams, round-robin format. One round on Friday night, two on Saturday. Winning team is the one with best overall record. Ties broken by number of ballots.
  • Criminal law problem. Three witnesses per side. 
  • Six-person teams.
    • Three trial attorneys for each side per round. Witnesses played by team members who aren't attorneys that round
    • One attorney conducts voir dire of a 6-person lay jury, one opens, one closes
    • Each attorney conducts a direct and cross during the round
  • A representative from each competing school participates in negotiating and drafting a common set of jury instructions that are binding on all trials. 
  • Case file released three weeks before trial.
  • Coaches must commit not to script the trial in any way; the emphasis is on student case analysis and preparation with a limited time window.
  • Judges are all actual state or federal court trial judges, or attorneys with significant criminal trial experience.

So far, we have three schools committed to the competition. We need one more. Please contact Chris Behan at cbehan@siu.edu if you are interested.

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