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Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Advocacy Training - University at Buffalo Law School

The UB "TAT" Crew - Over 20 advocacy teachers who successfully completed Teacher Advocacy Training this past weekend

Dear Colleagues:

Congratulations to the advocacy professors from UB who successfully completed a two day intensive Teacher Advocacy Training (TAT) conducted at the University at Buffalo Law School by professors from Stetson and Maryland. They trained for two days on the What/How/Why Critique methodology taught at Stetson and used in both "Fundamental Trial Advocacy" and "Mastering Trial Advocacy," successfully completing all phases of the training and receiving their official TAT designation.  

This weekend Professor Stephanie Vaughan, Professor A.J. Belido de Luna and I took a trip to Buffalo New York to spend some time with the most excellent members of the advocacy faculty at UB. Chris O'Brien and the honorable Tim Franczyk invited us to come up and teach critiquing, sharing ideas about the best practices when critiquing students and developing advocacy courses. This request grew out of our annual EATS conference at Stetson and is just one example of the collaborative way we are working together to further practical legal education. 

During our conference this year we offered to come to other law schools and provide, pro bono, a training experience designed to bring advocacy teachers to another level. The intent was to provide a masters level experience in critiquing methodology without substantial cost to the institution. UB took us up on the offer, providing funds for travel and lodging through a grant that is part of their new Advocacy Center. The result was a comprehensive hands on event that trained around 20 Buffalo adjuncts in some specific critiquing methodologies, classroom techniques and course development. The program included small group work, students who performed, professors who taught, and were then in turn taught again - by our team. A good time was had by all and some incredibly collaborative learning took place.

What an incredible group of folks! A more professional, collegial, and capable group of teachers would be hard to find. Our team was incredibly impressed with their commitment to the process and mastery of the system. We count ourselves fortunate to provide them with their official "TATs" of completion and are looking forward to many wonderful years working with all of them to find the best way to teach lawyers, whether students, practicing attorneys, or even members of the bench.

If you have not been to UB yet and get the chance - go. The city is a hidden gem and the law school is producing a vibrant legal community dedicated to the practice of law and the development of their students. All three of us were impressed and humbled to spend time with them.

Myself, Professor Vaughan and Professor Belido de Luna are so grateful for the chance to come up and teach, for the open hearts that the UB group brought to the process and the professional growth we all experienced this weekend. What an absolutely wonderful experience!

See you down the road,

Charlie Rose


  1. My students will benefit from the efforts of the three of you this weekend. Once again I wanted to thank you for your time and eye opening advice.

    Tom Speyer
    Adjunct Professor

  2. Education becomes wonderful when the same was taught by the wonderful teachers. Your Post is the Best ID Card of Successful teachers who always strive to teach differently.