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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Improvements to Stetson's Advocacy Resource Center

Dear Colleagues:

We have updated the platform for Stetson's Online Advocacy Resource Center! You can see it at http://www.law.stetson.edu/advocacy-resource-center/.  

Over the last year we have been working to create a friendlier, more immersive environment where you can not only passively view materials, but actively input your thoughts and requests.  It should assist us in focusing on material updates, as well as providing all of us with a way to share thought with one another.  We have rearranged the materials, and created a blog type interface that lets you be a part of the ARC.   I am sure that you may find some dead links or materials in need of updating.  Let me know and we will make it happen.   If you want additional materials, or discussions about areas of advocacy that are not present, let me know and we'll get that up there too.

You can not only view materials, you can also post comments, make requests, and generally have a more social based media experience.  It is free to all law students, law professors, and attorneys who work in public service, regardless of their agencies.  I ask that anyone not falling into those categories please let me know if they want access.

At Stetson we are committing the excellence in all phases of the teaching and practice of law.  If you have any ideas that you want to share about how we can make this better, for we are after all in this together, I would love to hear them.

All the best,


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