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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Professional Responsibility, Ethics and Advocacy, Oh My!

Dear Colleagues:

I recently attended SEALS (Southeastern Association of Law Schools) where I was lucky enough to participate in a discussion group that used the pecha kucha method of presenting.  It was a blast!  I posted my presentation, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SyXv6IpOow, and I've included it here if you are interested.

I'm blogging about it today because during the discussion group the PR professors lamented that they never have a place to share their ideas about new teaching methods and ways to push their discipline forward into the 21st century.  Those of you who have been to EATS probably recognize where this is going.

At some point in the discussion group, and I'm not sure exactly when it happened, I volunteered to have an Ethics section for PR professors who would like to come to EATS.  I wanted to let you guys know that we will have topic specific sections this year, and to ask you to not only suggest which ones you would like to see, but to also provide you with an opportunity to volunteer to work on one.

I await your response with a quickly beating heart.

All the best,


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