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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stetson Advocacy Training at Oxford, Summer 2015

The following post is a guest blog post by Lou Fasulo, the Director of Advocacy Programs at Pace Law

Oxford is a game changer in a big way. 

This past week I was honored with the opportunity to participate in an incredible Advocacy Program run by Stetson Law School and Charlie Rose and hosted at St. Hughes College Oxford University. The School and Principal could not have been more hospitable to us. The program of over 40 law students from various law schools from around the world set a new plateau for me. The rich curriculum on Advocacy, a quick study of comparative system and the backdrop of this wonderful city provided students with an awesome learning experience. I have never seen such an eager group of students so engaged. The students embraced the challenge of the intensive advocacy training with eagerness and a tremendous amount of energy. I can't wait for their final trials!

The highlight was the quality of the select group of faculty I shared the experience with. Each bringing experience ,energy and sense of team work to the Program. There is a reason Stetsons reputation as a leader in Advocacy Is what it is. The team led by Charlie Rose moved the students through their journey with incredible proficiency and enthusiasm. Setting the bar high for the students while providing one on one mentoring to guide them through the week  Charlie along with Gillian,  Michelle, Carlos,  Lee,  Kandace,  and me.(AJ followed up after I left, sorry we did not get to collaborate this time) worked tirelessly to prepare the students. I was surrounded by a great mix of Advocacy teachers doing what each of us does every day but in a welcoming collaborative way.

If I sound excited I am. I am looking forward to returning to New York and have a group of my students at Pace take advantage of the program in 2016. You should encourage your students as well. The experience and the friendships made at Stetson in Oxford are truly as Charlie says transformative. Can't wait til next year!! 

Very truly yours,    

Louis V. Fasulo Esq.
Fasulo, Braverman and DiMaggio/ Director of Advocacy Programs Pace Law

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