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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two Teams Needed for Invitational Jury Trial Competition

Dear Colleagues,

Pace Law School is hosting a 4-team round-robin jury trial competition on the weekend of February 6-8. As is customary in these competitions, the case file will be released three weeks prior to the competition.

Pace is looking for two more teams to participate in the competition. So far, Pace and SIU have committed to the competition. If you are interested, please email Lou Fasulo at lfasulo@law.pace.edu and/or me at cbehan@siu.edu.

I've had my teams participate in several of these throughout the last few years, and I can promise you your students will have a wonderful experience that more closely replicates an actual jury trial than most of the traditional 16-24 team competitions.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Chris Behan

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