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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Schedule and Registration Link for Educating Advocates:Teaching Advocacy Skills 2013

Dear Colleagues:

I wanted to share the list of presentation topics & presenters for EATS this year. We have a great deal to talk about, and many folks are coming to share. As always, it will be a collaborative sharing environment where the attendees talk as much, if not more, than the presenters. Here is the list:

Courtroom Communications Lawyers Often Get Wrong
 Ms. Lara Dolnik

21st Century Advocacy Scholarship
Prof. Meghan Chaney
Prof. Gwen Stern
Prof. Megan Canty

Ethics & Competitions: Where We Have Been, Where We Are, and Where We Should Go
 Hon. David Erickson   
 Prof. Bobbi Flowers    
 Prof. Edward Ohlbaum          
 Prof. Susan Poehls    
 Prof. Jay Leach           

Teaching Advocacy in an Overseas Environment
 Petr Vaněček
 Prof. Michaël Da Lozzo
 Prof. John Burke
 Prof. Graeme Blank
 Prof. Peter Hoffman

Using Acclaim in Your Advocacy Programs
 Aksel Gungor, Acclaim Software

Lifetime Achievement Award
Professor Susan Poehls

Developing a Superior Advocacy
Teaching Methodology
Managing An Advocacy Program
 Dean Stephen Easton
 Prof. Hugh Selby
 Prof. Lou Fasulo
 Prof. Adam Shlahet

Blending Doctrine & Skills in the Classroom
 Prof. Jay Leach
 Prof. Carey Bricker
 Prof. Chris Behan
 Dean Peter Alexander

Creating the 21st Century Law School:
Doctrine, Skills & Service
 Prof. Bobbi Flowers
 Prof. Wes Porter
 Prof. Nancy Schulz

Developing & Filming Teaching Scenarios
 Prof. Rafe Foreman
 Prof. Chris Behan

 Prof. A.J. Bellido de Luna
 Prof. Michele Joiner

 Prof. Lou Fasulo
 Prof. Adam Shlalhet

Teaching in the Moment: Developing Your Critiquing Methodology
 Ms. Gillian More
 Mr. Jude Bourque
 Hon. Robert McGahey

On Paper v. In person

 Mr. Joshua Karton

As you can see the group who has committed to teaching at EATS this year is incredible. We hope that you will join us, and bring a friend. If you have any questions about the conference, or just want to visit you can reach me by email - crose@law.stetson.edu. 

See you in May!  Your first step is to register online by going to: http://www.law.stetson.edu/conferences/eats/  


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