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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Friend in Need of your Thoughts and Prayers

Dear Friends:

I hope that this Thanksgiving Holiday finds you well.  I wish for you a day filled with family, laughter and traditions shared.  Those traditions, the love of family, the memories we make, see us through the dark times in our lives.  One of the great friends of this blog, a phenomenal teacher and remarkable man, Mark Caldwell, is going through such a dark time now. I am writing to ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers today, and through out the holiday season.

Three days ago Mark's lovely wife Nina suffered a brain aneurism.  She is in intensive care, and will be there for at least the next three weeks.   Mark has asked that the following information be shared so that anyone concerned about Nina could communicate with him and find out the latest about her health:

and a blog page - for those who do not want to join FaceBook, https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=205681497382063638#allposts. I will continue sending emails for several more days and then gradually shift to the FaceBook and Blog pages. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone - 720-244-7549. I know I am missing people who are anxious to know about Nina. Please feel free to share these messages to anyone who would want to know."  

We started this blog to develop a place where like minded people could share triumphs and tragedies in teaching advocacy - a place to come together in fellowship.  Chris, Hugh and I wanted to recreate the sense of community and sharing that we experienced as members of Mark Caldwell's Public Service Programs put on by NITA.  While those programs are nothing more now than a fond memory now, Mark has remained a dear friend, phenomenal teacher, and tireless advocate for teaching advocacy.  Many of you have spent time with Mark at EATS last year.  His traveling ethics road show with Judge McGahey is legendary, and they shared it with us last May to rave reviews.

Over time our Blog has grown grown into a community of colleagues, friends, and family.  I hope that today, as you share those precious moments with your family, as you gather around the feast that I am sure so many of you have prepared,  as you close your eyes when giving thanks, please take a moment to think of Mark, to think of Nina.  Send to them a small portion of the love that is around your table this Holiday season - it always makes a difference.

All the best,


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  1. Mark wanted me to post an updated URL for Nina's Blog. the url is:


    I hope you all continue to send good thoughts and prayers their way!