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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Own Personal Cameraman


My lovely bride saw an item on the Today show called SWIVL.  It is a robotic cameraman that tracks your movements when you are talking.  You can connect to your iPhone or other small camera (think flip or the like) and it will follow you around as you lecture.  I filmed this with an iPhone 4S.  Here is a small snip from my evidence class yesterday.  Check it out!

I can see all sort of uses for this product for advocacy professors.  I am currently taping the lecture portions of my evidence class and then putting up snippets on YouTube so that my students can review concepts that they found difficult at their leisure.  I must admit that the statistics on that site show views from all over the world.  It makes on wonder what folks in Pakistan, Russia or China might think about an evidence professor's musings on the web.  My guess is they are logging in to watch the students!



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