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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ask not what this Blog can do for you, ask what you can do for the Blog

Pulled into the gas station this morning to fill up the tank. Had to wait a minute of so until the cars in front left. That had me remembering my first job as a teenager, working on the apron to put in the gas (it was standard or super grade, nicely leaded), check the oil and the water (including the battery levels), take the cash inside and bring back the change.

The cars were the thing. A few of them had disc brakes and power steering. I remember the first turbo – the owner had cut a hole in the engine compartment cover to give it room.

This morning no one came out to help and I paid with a card. But I didn't have to add any oil or water and the gas was unleaded. I pay a lot more for the gas but the same amount takes me a lot further, with less emissions, and in a much safer car. So that’s progress and I have benefited from it.

This blog, the site you’re at now, is a bit like the ‘once upon a time’ gas station and the cars that came and went. People with a need are pulling in, taking some teaching and practice fuel away, and coming back for more. I’m happy about that. My fellow blog managers Chris and Charlie are happy about it too. But we need to improve the ‘fuel’ so that you – the readers and users – come back with better equipment that needs higher quality fuel for improved results.

Visit or stay on site for five minutes now and scroll through the blog, or use the subject index to the right of the main page to select all the pieces on a topic that interests you.

There’s much useful information but a void when it comes to comment and responding to the hard questions ( Voir dire discussion being the notable exception). Check out the Cross-examination and Mock Trial Competition pieces for live issues.

For those of you with a role in Mock Trial Competitions there’s still plenty of reasons to contribute - to respond to comments made, or to add another perspective. Our theme this April is still ‘ethics and professionalism’, but you’re most welcome to travel your own route.

There used to be lots and lots of gas stations. Many of them closed down. Blogs are the same – all over the place for now, but many won’t survive.

To make this a blog that you want to come back to please:

1. Tell your litigator and advocacy teaching colleagues about it and give them the link http://advocacyteaching.blogspot.com/

2. Tell them to email Chris Behan on cbehan@law.siu.edu so that he adds them to the email list for instant copy of new pieces;

3. Be a part of the advocacy innovation and improvement by adding comments or writing a piece that shares your wisdom; and,

4. Prove Charlie Rose is right. He says the ‘rule of three is all’. There’s 3 things above for you to do, no more, no less.

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