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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The future of Advocacy Training? iPads and iPods and Podcasts!


Visual aids as an effective teaching and learning tool are well known. See on this Blog Chris Behan's entry about Lonesome Dove (available here)

Another use of such aids is to reinforce some fundamentals for students by making sight and sound record that students can access as often as they want. Posted here is an example of a podcast that you could easily produce and distribute to students. I have produced several of these for use in trial advocacy courses. They allow the student to get a mini-lecture, see a demonstration and then hear a discussion about how to perform the skill correctly. I've also done mp3 podcasts as well.

This happens to be one of a series that is available through www.roseadvocacy.com, the website that accompanies the second edition of my trial advocacy book. I created it on a Macbook Pro using iMovies. You can get the same effect with any of a host of video editing programs available on a windows platform too.

It would be good to see and hear a few more such training aids on this blog so we all look forward to your posting them.



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