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Friday, January 14, 2011

Announcing the Advocacy Agony Aunt

What, you too have an advocacy problem: controlling your witness on direct; mental block on how to approach a witness that you must cross examine soon; a case analysis that is never good enough; too slow to make that objection; you’re talking too fast; feeling intimidated by your opponent; boring yourself and the audiences in your closing address?
Solutions to these problem exist. It’s all in the experience and talent of the readers and contributors to this blog.

Here’s how to tap those solutions.

Send an email to hugh.selby@anu.edu.au in which you briefly describe the case essentials and the problem for which you want a fix.

Selby will edit the problem (for example to ensure the anonymity of place and parties, avoid defamation, clarify issues etc) and post it to the blog.

It’s your choice whether you wish your name to be published, you’d rather use a pseudonym, or have no attribution but just the thrill and the relief of the suggestions.

Those with suggestions use the COMMENT feature which is available at the foot of each blog ( and very easy to use) to offer their fix.

Who Benefits?
1. The Justice system because you do a better job;
2. Your client;
3. You;
4. The readers of this blog who can use the problem and the solutions for training others.

Who loses?
1. Your opponents– that is until they too get on this blog!

The advocacy agony aunt is waiting for your message.

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