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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Call for Case File Reviews

Have you ever wondered how a particular case file actually works in a teaching environment--how students respond to it, whether it's too easy or too difficult, whether the "extras" (such as electronic resource CDs or websites) are actually useful? A case file can make or break your advocacy class, whether in a law school environment or in a short CLE-style course.

When selecting case files, I've sometimes felt alone in the wilderness. I've guessed wrong a couple of times and had to do lots of extra work to make the file work for my students. A time or two, I've fallen back on some of the classic case files that I used as a law student many years ago. In fact, several of the judges for one of my trial advocacy courses a couple of years ago were delighted to tell the students that they themselves had tried State v. Diamond in law school over twenty years ago--and, through the rose-colored glasses of memory, had done it better.

I'd like to start posting case file reviews to the blog. For those of you who have been wanting to contribute but haven't been sure what to write about, please consider reviewing a case file. Any type of file is acceptable: commercially published case files, competition files, even privately published files that the author might be willing to make available to others.

The elements of a review:

1. Brief synopsis of the case.

2. Appropriate level (i.e., basic trial ad course, advanced course, professional course with licensed attorneys, etc.)

3. Case file strengths.

4. Case file weaknesses.

5. Time it takes to try the case.

6. Exhibits--admissibility, usability, etc.

7. Whether you would use the file again or recommend it to others.

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